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  • 留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2019年3月4日)

2019年03月04日 09時08分

留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2019年3月4日)

In the morning, we were prepared for the presentation. Afternoon, we took the lecture about Indian society and gender. I was really surprised that rapes situations in India. It works out to 60.7 rapes a day, that’s mean 2.53 rapes every hour. It is serious and big problem. And Karen mam said women is always working without pay money. My mother often said it, so I could sympathize with it. I became interested in this issues. After having dinner, we talked about Tsubasa’s song. It was so nice song, but I couldn’t stop laughing!Mr William became like this song.

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