SUCCEED (Soka University Courses for Comprehensive Economics Education)

Concept of SUCCEED Program
SUCCEED is a program for international students in which they can earn a bachelor's degree in Economics from Soka University with all coursework conducted in English. Courses in Economics, Japanese Economy and general education are offered in English. Those students who achieve the required Japanese language proficiency will be have the option of taking Japanese-medium courses. By enrolling in this program, students will be able to gain the knowledge of Japanese economy, business, and society; Asian economy; and Japanese language skills.
Sample Courses Schedule for International Students in SUCCEED Program
emester 1     credits
Required ECON101 Freshman Seminar 2
ECON113 Principles of Microeconomics 4
ECON223 Introductory Mathematics for Economics I 2
English ECON183 Academic Foundations for Economic Majors I* 2
General Education GUNI111 Humanistice Eduation I 2
Japanese GJLC courses on Japanese language 6
emester 2     credits
Required ECON114 Principles of Macroeconomics 4
ECON152 Introduction to Japanese Economic History 4
ECON224 Introductory Mathematics for Economics II 2
General Education GUNI122 Soka Education 2
Japanese GJLC courses on Japanese language 6
emester 3     credits
Required ECON225-6 Statistics for Economics and Business I & II 4
ECON132 Introduction to Financial Accounting 2
Optional ECON313 Intermediate Microeconomics 4
English ECON381 Economics Laboratory I 1
General Education GNAT an introductory course on natural science 2
Japanese GJLC courses on Japanese language 5
emester 4     credits
Required ECON201 Advanced Seminar I 2
Optional ECON314 Intermediate Macroeconomics 4
ECON334 Principle of Finance 4
English ECON382 Economics Laboratory II 1
General Education GNAT an introductory course on natural science 2
GHUMI171 Japanese Composition I 2
Japanese GJLC courses on Japanese language 1
GJLC118 Japanese Traditional Culture 2
emester 5     credits
Required ECON301 Advanced Seminar II 2
Optional ECON336 International Finance 2
ECON355 Economic Development of Japan I 2
ECON357 Political Economy of Japan and Asia 2
ECON397 International Bussiness 4
ECON399 Socio-economic Development of India 2
Other Dep INTA360 Modern World History 4
emester 6     credits
Required ECON302 Advanced Seminar III 2
Optional ECON347 Economic Issues of Contemporary Japan 2
ECON356 Economic Development of Japan II 2
ECON396 Business and Japanese People 2
ECON398 Human Resources Management in Japan and Asia 2
Othe Dep INTA381 Poverty and Development 4
INTA382 Management Science 4
emester 7     credits
Optional ECON481 World Economy V 2
ECON483 World Economy F 4
Othe Dep INTA482 Operation Management 4
emester 8     credits
Optional ECON401 Advanced Seminar IV 2
ECON402 Graduation Thesis 4

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