Soka University’s Brand Logo

University Emblem

The university emblem features the mighty pen flanked by the wings of a phoenix. The pen represents wisdom; the phoenix's wings, students taking flight into the world.

Logo Mark


School Song


Hiroshi Oki

Shin'ichi Kawakami

Hills bloom in red azaleas,
and among them,
pure-white butterflies dance in joy.
Our campus revels in young leaves
and the fragrance of cherry blossoms.
Youth gather among the lush lawns and groves
as the fresh breeze flutters through the spring skies.
Up ahead, shining in brilliant white
is our school—
where students take pen
harboring dreams in their hearts.
For whom are we learning this path of humanity?

As we walk among the castle remains where mulberries grow,
we delve on the vicissitudes of my aspirations.
With thoughts of our parents, we gaze toward distant vistas,
faint light glowing here and there;
in the sky rises Venus, its light wondrous and elegant.
Our souls kindled by a passion for justice,
night falls on the castle's embankment.
For whom are we building a citadel of peace?

The skies of Musashino fade into purple
as dawn breaks the still of night.
We come to my feet,
awakened by our peers,
and lying beyond the green mountains,
towers Mt. Fuji.
As you dwell fondly on your brave ideals,
our indivisibility shines brightly, equal in aplomb.
As we pave the path of honor and glory, we ask:
For whom are we searching for life's truths?