Language Education Support

World Language Center

The World Language Center (WLC) opened in September 1999 with the mandate to promote global citizenship through foreign language instruction and multicultural competence. In addition, the center provides a diverse selection of extracurricular programs to promote proficiency in the conversational English through its Audiovisual (AV) Library, Chit Chat Club and English Forum, as well as English composition skills and counseling services. Students can also practice and experience other foreign languages at the WLC Global Village that is staffed by international students from who are studying at Soka University.

English Forum

In this forum, Japanese students engage fellow students from other countries in casual discussions in English on a broad range of topics, from social and geopolitical issues to hobbies and other subjects. Its aim is to create a relaxed environment in which Japanese students not only can improve confidence in their English conversation skills, but also reinforce their ability to develop and discuss opinions on various issues.

Global Village

The multilingual counterpart to the English Forum, Global Village is a forum at which international students engage their fellow Japanese students to converse in ten different languages, including Chinese, French, Italian, Korean and Russian.In addition, there are foreign students to learn Japanese "Japanese dojo"

Chit Chat Club

This club is an English-only environment where Japanese students can not only converse with international students, but also their Japanese peers with study-abroad experience.