What is Soka University?

Operating under the founding principles to be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education as well as the cradle of a new culture and citadel for the peace of humanity, Soka University aims to foster students as creative, contributive global citizens who will lead the way in building peaceful, sustainable societies throughout the world.

Soka University's Idea

In 1930, educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944), the founding president of Soka Gakkai, published the first volume of The System of Value Creating Pedagogy. “Soka” in Japanese means value creation (“gakkai” means society or association). In essence, to create value means to enhance life. To strive for good, toward peace; to persevere in the challenges to uphold and protect human dignity; to be undaunted by hardship—the essential ideals of Soka education exist in the effort to nurture such creative humanity.

Fellow educator and Makiguchi protégé, Josei Toda (1900-58), succeeded Makiguchi's philosophy of value creation; Toda's vision and values, in turn, was succeeded by Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai's third president. In 1971, Ikeda founded Soka University, actualizing the goals and ideals of Soka education and put forth the following founding principles:
Be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education.
Be the cradle of a new culture.
Be a fortress for the peace of humankind.

Soka University will continue to foster value-creating individuals through rigorous academia, forever committed to its mission of serving peace of the world and happiness of people.

Global education and study abroad

Toward the development of the Global Initiative for Humanistic Education, we will produce “Creative Global Citizens.

By advancing diversity, Soka University will develop individuals with global skills.

University Facilities

Soka University and Soka Women’s College are located in Hachioji city, a suburb of Tokyo and known as a university city. Our spacious campus covering a total of some 870,000 square meters provides various facilities to enhance students’ campus life.

Campus life

Soka University holds a variety of events throughout the year. In addition, a full range of club activities are being offered that will make student life more enjoyable and that will help individual students grow. Students can interact with diverse people regardless of their nationality or age while experiencing Japanese culture & traditions first-hand. Through events and club activities, students can further enjoy their college life.

Financial Aid

Soka University offers scholarship programs in order to limit financial burden on exchange students. All of Soka University’s original scholarship programs are “benefit/tuition exemption-type scholarships” that do not need to be repaid. Such programs have been greatly enhanced since the 2016 academic year.

Dormitory for International Students

In order to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment, Soka University operates International Student Dormitory, and Domestic and International Student Dormitory for international students.

Extensive support

Soka University is putting effort into providing support for students. The university provides solid support for daily life in Japan, curriculum, language-learning programs, and job hunting through individual interviews and other means. In addition, the university holds social events and parties for foreign student exchange in an effort to support both academics and daily life.

Student's Voice

International students have come to Soka University from all over the world. With their different values and perspectives, what do they think of Soka University and Japan & its people? What are their dreams for the future?
We are looking forward to meeting with everyone at the Soka University campus, where students, faculty and staff members have diverse roots and different points of view!

Movies “UNISTA”

At Soka University’s official broadcast station, “UNISTA” (Soka University Studio), you can see an introduction to Soka University, as well as video news, sports, and events.