Management Based on Humanism
In this faculty, students learn business administration based on the philosophy of humanism set forth by the founder of Soka University. Courses explore the fundamentals of humanistic management from various perspectives and alumni playing prominent roles in the field of management are invited as lecturers, passing on the skills of successful business leadership.
Global Business Leader Course and Professional Course
The Global Business Leader Course and the Professional Course enable students to acquire practical English language competency as well as fundamental bookkeeping and accounting skills.
Global Program
In the Global Program (GP), students refine their knowledge and English communication skills to prepare themselves for leading roles in international management. The program includes field study trips to overseas international institutions such as the United Nations and multinational companies.
Specialized Knowledge and Qualifications
In the Faculty of Business Administration, students can study to acquire qualifications such as Certified Public Accountant, tax accountant, small and medium enterprise management consultant and financial planner. The faculty provides an opportunity for students to greatly expand their areas of interest to fields related to global and regional revitalization that require a high degree of expertise.