Course Model
Required elective courses (Group A) including Principles of Business, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Accounting Ⅰ/Ⅱ, and Statistics for Economics and Business Ⅰ/Ⅱ are recommended to be taken in the first year. Japanese language courses and other general education courses are recommended to be taken in accordance with graduation requirements. Since Introduction to Global Business leadership is a bilingual course in Japanese and English with a lot of Japanese students, it is recommended to be taken after the study of basic Japanese from the second year.

Registration model (first semester)
Course Classification Category Name of Courses Credits 
Departmental Courses Required Elective Courses (A) Principles of Business 4
Introduction to Accounting I 2
Statistics for Economics and Business I 2
General Education Courses Required Courses Freshman Seminar  2
Academic Writing I 2
  Language General Japanese for Beginners or General Japanese I 5
  2) Soka Education 
Elective, one from the available courses

  4) Global Citizenship Education
Total Credits                                                                                                                    19

Registration model (second semester)
Course Classification Category Name of Courses Credits
Departmental Courses Required Elective Courses (A) Introduction to Accounting II 2
Statistics for Economics and Business II
General Education Courses Required Elective Courses Introduction to Mathematics I or select one course from Introduction to Mathematics, Introduction to Statistics, or Computer Literacy

Language General Japanese I or General Japanese II
2) Soka Education

Select from available courses

4) Global Citizenship Education
8) Education Career Design Basics 2
Total credits                                         19

Taking Humanistic Management Workshop and Principles of Economics as Required Elective courses are recommended in the third semester.
More than 16 credits of Required Elective Courses (Group B) are recommended to be taken in the second year. Registration for other elective courses can be done at any time before graduation. From the second year, students are expected to register for the GPET core courses provided in the table below.

Third and Fourth year
Zemi (Seminar I-IV) is a compulsory course for graduation. This course with a limited number of students continues over a period of two years and is supervised by a faculty member with a specific field of study. Seminar Ⅳ requires students to write a research paper for graduation. Under the guidance of the supervisor, the students are expected to register for the bridging and applied courses.

Table : GPET Core Courses,
( ) credits, Courses are subject to change according to the availability of faculties 
Applied courses    

International Business (4)
  Global Business Review I (2) Global Business Review (II)
Financial Management (4) Environmental Management Issues (2) Sustainable Business and Management (2)
Project Management I (2) Multicultural Management (2) Critical Thinking in Business Strategy (2)
Project Management II (2) Business Ethics (2)
Principles of Marketing (4) Principles of Consumer Behavior (4)  
Zemi         Seminar I・II・III・IV (2x4)
Bridging courses     GP Foundations (2) GP Mission I or II (2) GP Review (2)  
Humanistic Management Workshop (2) Stakeholder Dialogue (2) Japanese Business I (2) Japanese Business II (2)
Introduction to Accounting I・II (2x2)
Statistics for Economics and Business I・II (2x2) Introduction to Global Business Leadership (2) International Context in Business (4)    

Principles of Business (4)
  Principles of Economics (4)      
Global Business Communication I・II (4+4) 
  First-year Second-year Third and Fourth year
Offered Courses
GPET (Global Program English Track) Courses available in the Faculty of Business Administration (2018)
Course Number Course Name Credit Year Open to Students of Other Majors
Required Courses: 8 credits
BUSI301 Seminar I 2 3 x
BUSI302 Seminar II 2 3 x
BUSI401 Seminar III 2 4 x
BUSI402 Seminar IV 2 4 x
Required Elective Courses (group A): 18 credits
INLA282 Principles of Business 4 1 x
BUSI122 Introduction to Accounting I 2 1 x
BUSI123 Introduction to Accounting II 2 1 x
BUSI142 Introduction to Statistics I 2 2  
BUSI143 Introduction to Statistics II 2 2  
INLA281 Principles of Economics  4 2  
BUSI202 Humanistic Management Workshop 2 2 x
Required Elective Courses (group B): At least 16 credits
BUSI270 Introduction to Global Business Leadership 2 1 x
BUSI271 Global Business Communication I 4 2 x
BUSI272 Global Business II 4 2 x
BUSI232 Principles of Marketing 4 2  
BUSI273 Stakeholder Dialogue 2 2  
BUSI274 International Context in Business 4 2  
INLA282 International Business 4 1  
BUSI275 Financial Management 4 2  
Electives: At least 36 credits
BUSI276 Global Business Internship A 2 1 x
BUSI277 Global Business Internship B 2 1 x
BUSI267 International Business Studies I 3 1 x
BUSI268 International Business Studies II 3 1 x
BUSI269 International Business Studies III 3 1 x
BUSI270 International Business Studies IV 3 1 x
BUSI280 Global Program Mission I 2 1  
BUSI283 Global Program Mission II 2 2  
BUSI281 Global Program Workshop I 2 1  
BUSI282 Global Program Workshop II 2 1  
BUSI285 Project Management I 2 2  
BUSI380 Project Management II 2 3,4  
BUSI286 Japanese Business I 2 2  
BUSI287 Japanese Business II 2 2 x
BUSI333 Principles of Consumer Behavior  4 3,4  
BUSI381 Multicultural Management 2 3,4  
BUSI382 Sustainable Business and Management 2 3,4  
BUSI383 Global Business Review I 2 3,4  
BUSI384 Global Business Review II 2 3,4  
BUSI385 Business Ethics 2 3,4  
BUSI386 Environmental Management Issues 2 3,4 x
BUSI387 Critical Thinking in Business Strategy 2 3,4  
LAWP202 Introduction to Legal Studies 2 1  
LAWP363 International Relations 4 2  
LAWP468 International Human Rights 4 3  
LAWP364 International Environmental Policy 2 2  
LAWP415 Environmental Law 2 3  
LAWP367 Peace Studies 2 2  
ECON355 Economic Development of Japan I 2 2  
ECON357 Political Economy of Japan and Asia 2 2  
ECON371 Development and Environment 2 2  
ECON396 Business and Japanese People 2 2  
About Registration for Seminar (Zemi)
(1) Important points regarding seminars
The seminars (“zemi”) are compulsory. Please pay attention to the following.
i. There is a limited number of students per seminar so there will be an application and selection period before you are assigned to a seminar
ii. A guidance session will be held prior to the first seminar, so please make sure to attend.
iii. As a general rule, the consecutive seminars will be conducted by the same faculty member.
(2) Seminar guidance and the application period
The seminar guidance and application will take place in the fall semester of the 2nd year.
(3) Details on the seminar course title, area of specialty, and the registration period are as follows.

Faculty of Business Administration: Seminar I-IV (required major course)
Seminar I (fall semester of 3rd year), Seminar II (spring semester of 3rd year), Seminar III (fall semester of 4th year), and Seminar IV (spring semester of 4th year) are required major courses. Seminar I is exclusively for English Medium Program (EMP) students. The contents of Seminar II, Seminar III, and Seminar IV will differ depending on the selected Zemi.
Credit Transfer
The Faculty of Business Administration accepts transferred credits in the following cases. In all cases, students are required to submit to the Academic Affairs Office (a) the designated application form (available on the University’s website) and (b) the original certificate of credit completion (it will be returned to the student). All credit transfer applications will be examined and require approval from the Faculty.

(1) The credits of Global Business Internship A and/or B may be granted to those students who have successfully completed overseas internship programs. In addition to the required documents mentioned above, the students may be asked to submit additional documents.
(2) Credit transfer from overseas institutions.
The Faculty may accept Business Administration course credits completed at appropriate overseas institutions. In addition to the required documents mentioned above, students are to include the following items in their applications: (a) an overseas credit transfer application kit available at the Academic Affairs Office, (b) the original transcript (with a grading system indicated) issued by the overseas institution, and (c) a copy of the original syllabi of the overseas courses.

Students participating in the Faculty’s Global Business School Program should have a guidance session with a designated faculty member before their departure. The same credit transfer policies and procedures will apply. For further details, follow the instructions given by the designated faculty member.