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Campus Life

International Affairs Office

The International Affairs Office performs operations relating to the acceptance of international students from overseas, scholarship programs, and support for daily life, including student dormitories. In addition, it supports studying abroad by Japanese students. Also, the office performs operations relating to the acceptance of students that want to learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture, along with operations relating to agreements with foreign universities.

International student orientations

After enrollment and before the start of classes, matters relating to college life, such as consultation about selecting courses, rules for using on-campus facilities, and the consultation desk, will be explained. In addition, various procedures to be undertaken at the municipal government office and a wide range of important points to note about life in Japan will also be explained.
New Year’s party for international students:
On January 1 every year, in order to allow the international students and foreign faculty members that are spending the New Year’s holidays in Japan to experience the New Year tradition, the office holds a party and offers traditional New Year dishes and other food.
International student welcome party in the spring/fall:
The office holds a welcome party for international students in the spring and fall, in order to offer international students gathered from around the world the opportunity to get to know each other and develop friendships at the start of their student life.
International student completion ceremony:
In order to recognize the efforts made by the international students that studied at Soka University, the office holds a completion ceremony with the hope that they achieve success when they return to their home country. After the ceremony, the office holds a celebration party.
International student gatherings held by international students:
In order to deepen international friendships among international students, as well as between international students and Japanee students, an event sponsored by the Soka University Foreign Student Association is held twice a year in July and December.
Sightseeing tours for international students:
In order to allow international students to visit different areas in Japan and create lasting memories, the International Affairs Office offers tours for interested students. The office offers tours to Tokyo Disney Land, to the Hakone area to cheer on the runners in the Hakone Ekiden, and ski tours to experience snow-covered mountains.