Dean's Message

Dean of Faculty of Education Kazuhiko Sekita
Dean of Faculty of Education
Kazuhiko Sekita
The Faculty of Education of Soka University started from the educational philosophy of Professor Tsubasaro Makiguchi, a founder of Soka Education, and based on the three founding principles "Highest degree in humanistic education" of the founder Daisuke Ikeda, starting with the professors, we will foster capable people, who are widely involved in educational activities. In our faculty, education is regarded not simply as "transferring knowledge and skills that is decided", but as "a work that encourages learners to live better, while eliciting their original values." For that reason, all students gathered at the Faculty of Education not only wish themselves to live better but also by managing their skills/abilities to enhance the value of others.

An excellent teacher is one that shows the attitude that he/she will do their utmost best to grow. In that sense both the teaching and educating sides need to grow as lifelong learners. Through various curriculums provided by the Faculty of Education, I believe that the qualities of learners and the spirit of contributing to others will be greatly improved.

Soka University has produced more than 7,000 teachers in the world.  Recently, more than 200 prominent teachers are challenging themselves in the education world every year. But the value of education as stated above should be exerted not only in the field of school education but also in any field of society. Towards the 50th Anniversary of the foundation, the faculty of education will promote internationalization and to fully support each and every student's career in order to send more capable people to a wider field of society. Let's learn together in the faculty of education, that enhances themselves and creating value with friends.