Curriculum for True Humanistic Education
Students learn to think about humanistic education from pedagogical and psychological standpoints to enhance subject and lifestyle guidance to school children. The curriculum seeks to expand students’ vision of global education so that they can take on active roles globally. Students also learn about infant and special needs education.
Tailored Advisory Support System
A seminar-style course starts in the freshman year, in which the faculty fosters the ability to make decisions on one’s own through active learning. Seminar courses in small groups are organized from the junior year. Students receive high-level education by way of tailored support from a faculty member in charge of those seminar courses.
Well-Developed School Internships
In this system, students intern at public elementary, junior high and private nursery schools, assisting in study guidance and after-school supplementary studies and other tasks by cooperating with teachers in the field. In this way, students can discover their own aptitudes through direct experience of the school teaching environment and interaction with school children.
Assistance with Teacher Employment
Courses are offered for acquiring various qualifications, including a school teaching certificate and as a social education supervisor. The program encompasses teacher-training courses for kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high school as well as special needs schools.