SHIMIZU Akio(Professor)


Specialized field Physical chemistry
Classes Advanced Research 1
Special Studies in General Education 1
Exercise on Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis
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Thesis Study 2
General Topics in Science and Engineering
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Physical Chemistry A
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High pressure environmental chemistry
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Instrumental Analysis
Research theme 1. Effect of pressure on preservation of cells
2. Removal of heavy metals by adsorption onto oyster shell
3. Research on effect of hydrostatic pressure to remove the polymer that adheres to microstructure
4. Research on effect of maturing of perfume by pressurizing.
5. The property of alcohol dehydrogenase
6. Physicochemical property of ion-liquid
7. Physicochemical property of collagen type IV
8. The study of protein stability with using model peptide
9. Food preservation by high pressure

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Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis of Graduate school of engineering

  • Disciplinary High Pressure Chemistry
    Physical Chemistry
    Solution Chemistry
    Biophysical Chemistry
    Research Theme [Chemistry and environment]
    (1) Physicochemical properties of ionic liquids
    (2) Cleaning method of ultra-fine structure using a high hydrostatic pressure treatment
    (3) Constant temperature transportation technology

    [Food chemistry]
    (1) Solution for Food Los. Recovery of freshness of leaf vegetables by high hydrostatic pressure treatment
    (2) Study of pesticide removal method using a high hydrostatic pressure treatment

    [Biophysical chemistry]
    (1) Development of a simple storage and transport methods of cell
    (2) Development of cellular transport container
    (3) Anesthetic effect and pressure
    (4) The effect of the hydrostatic pressure on the organism
    Publications 2015
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    Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies

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    Membership of Academic Societies The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology
    Ionic Liquid Research Association
    The Chemical Society of Japan
    The Biophysical Society of Japan
    The Japan Association of Solution Chemistry