SEKI Atsushi(Professor)


Specialized field Analytical chemistry
Classes Introduction to Life Sciences
Bioinformatics Seminar 3
Bioinformatics Seminar 4
Reading of Scientific Papers 2
Laboratory Fundamentals in Science
Statistical Thermodynamics
Physical Chemistry B
Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Advanced Course of Bioengineering
Advanced Laboratory Course of Bioengineering
Laboratory in Bioinformatics 1
Laboratory in Bioinformatics 2
Research theme 1. Chemical sensor/Biosensor based on fiber optic
2. Chemical sensor/Biosensor based on field effect device

Application for coverage

Detail of researcher information

Bioinformatics of Graduate school of engineering

  • Disciplinary Chemical sensors, Biosensors
    Research Theme Development of chemical sensros and/or based on a fiber optic
    Development of chemical sensors and/or biosensors basend on a semiconductor devices
    Publications A surface plasmon resonance hydrogen sensor using Au/Ta2O5/Pd multi-layers on hetero-core optical fiber structures,
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    A hetero-core structured fiber optic pH sensor
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    Silicon-Based Biosensors
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    Urease-based heavy metal ion sensing using a silicon transducer
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