YAMAGAMI Atsushi(Associate Professor)


Specialized field Algebra
Classes Project Studies A
Project Studies B
Exercises in Calculus and Linear Algebra 1
Introduction of Information Systems
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Seminar 1
Seminar 2
Calculus 2
Exercises in Calculus and Linear Algebra 2
Logic and Set
Introduction to Algebra
Combinatorial theory
History of Mathematics
Partial differential equations
Special lectures on Algebra
Thesis Study 1
Thesis Study 2
Information mathematical science IV
Advanced Course of Information Systems
Advanced Study of Information Systems
Independent Study IV
Research theme On the behavior of the p-supercuspidal point in the universal deformation space associated to a residual modular Galois representation

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Information Systems Science of Graduate school of engineering

  • Major Field Number Theory
    Research Theme Deformation theory of p-adic Hecke algebras and Galois representations associated to p-adic automorphic forms