SASAKI Daniel Hiroshi(Associate Professor)


Specialized field Foreign language education
Classes English for Academic Purposes
Special Seminar A for English
Special Seminar B for English
Academic Foundations
Academic Foundations
Cross-cultural Understanding
Academic Writing 1
Elementary School English Education
Research theme 1. Teaching English to young learners in Japanese elementary schools
2. The role of self-access in language learning and learner autonomy

Application for coverage

Detail of researcher information

Message to students

As one of the English language faculty in FILA, I am looking forward to supporting your English studies towards achieving your language goals for courses, study abroad, future careers, and/or higher education. Our university offers a variety of study support services in addition to the courses to enhance your learning experience. I will assist you in fully utilizing these resources that are available to you. Let’s study hard, support each other, and “Discover your potential” together in the areas of English language study.


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