FISKER-NIELSEN Anne Mette(Associate Professor)


Specialized field Social Anthropology with reference to Japanese Politics, Religion, Society, and Gender
Classes Global Japan Studies: Understanding Japanese Society
Human and Society: Japanese Culture, Society and Politics
Sociology 1: Foundations for Theories of Knowledge in the Social Sciences
History of Sociology: Theories of Knowledge and Contemporary Global Issues
Comparative Culture I: Anthropological Approaches to Understanding Human Behaviour and Societies
Comparative Culture II: Anthropological Approaches to Globalisation, Multiculturalism, and Nationalism
Major in Global Japan Studies: Social Anthropology (Seminar 1,2,3,4)
Debate on Japanology
Academic Writing B1 and B2
Critical Race and Gender Studies
Research theme Community relations in democracy and peace-building: realising SDG16 in local-national governance in Okinawa
Politics and Religion in Contemporary Japan
Anthropology of Gender; Komeito and Soka Gakkai
Death and Life as a Dialectical Process.