LENZ Hartmut(Professor)


Specialized field Political Science, International Relations
Classes Introduction to International, Relations and Politics, Seminar I, Seminar II, Seminar III, Capstone, Great Power Politics in the World, International Bargaining
Research theme Academically, my research interests encompass Regional Integration, Conflict and Cooperation, Bargaining Theories, International Relations as well as Game Theory and Research Methods.

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Message to students

My name is Hartmut Lenz and before joining Soka University I have been a lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK. My current research includes two main projects: ""Domestic Constraints on Bargaining on the Intergovernmental Treaty Negotiations"", which examines the impact of public opinion on intergovernmental negotiations, and a second project on ""Effective Multilateralism and Regional Cooperation"" which compares the impact of institutional structures on efficiency and conflict in regional cooperation. Recent publications include articles in International Organizations, European Union Politics and Politics & Policy. Before joining the LSE I also worked as John F. Kennedy Fellow at Harvard University and as post-doctoral fellow at Oxford University (Nuffield College).
I believe the Faculty of Liberal Arts here at Soka University will be a unique experience for every student. It will provide the possibility for students to learn in a vibrant international setting together with excellent scholars from a variety of fields. The program conducted completely in English is designed to be a culturally diverse learning environment, which lives from the contribution of each student.
We therefore would very much like to welcome you to be part of the Department of Liberal Arts at Soka University.

The main career

Ph.D. in Political Science, UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX, 2009
M.A. in International Relations and History, UNIVERSITY OF KONSTANZ, 2005
B.A. in Political Science and History, UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN, 2003
I started my career as Bachelor Student at the University of Tübingen in Germany, where I decided to take two majors, one in History and one in Political Science. During my studies I discovered my interest in game theory and decided to move to Konstanz to finish my Master, the only place in Germany at that time which extensively used game theory in studies of International Relations. After my Master in Konstanz I decided it is time to go abroad and my choice fell on Essex University in the UK, which is concidered for many years the best Political Science department in the UK, where I studied under the supervision of Han Dorussen and wrote my PhD Thesis: "Bargaining on the European Constitution: Information Transmission and Political Failure". During my PhD I also worked as a senior research fellow for the DOSEI project. In 2005 I got the chance to study 1 year at Harvard University under the supervision of Lisa L. Martin. She profoundly influenced my PhD dissertation.
Already during my PhD, I got the chance to become a post-doctoral fellow at Oxford University and a fellow at Nuffield College. During that time I taught courses in comparative politics and progressed in my research. In 2009 I became a John F. Kennedy Fellow at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University, a very fruitful time, which spurred many new ideas for my research agenda. After my episode in Harvard, I decided to take a position at the London School of Economics, where I stayed until joining Soka University.


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