NAKAJIMA Kazuyuki(Professor)


Specialized field Neurochemistry/neuropharmacology
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Research theme Analysis of glial function in the nervous system

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Bioinformatics of Graduate school of engineering

  • Discipline Neurochemistry
    Research Theme Role of glial cells in the nervous system
    Injury and regeneration of nervous system
    Publications (selected) (1) Nakajima K, Reddington M, Kohsaka S. and Kreutzberg GW.
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    (5) Nakajima K, Tohyama Y, Kohsaka S, Kurihara T.
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    (18) Sudo K,Takezawa Y, Kohsaka S,Nakajima K.
    Involvement of nitric oxide in the induction of interleukin-1 beta in microglia.
    Brain Res. 1625 (2015)121-134.
    Membership of Academic Societies The Japanese Society for Neurochemistry
    The Japanese Society for Neuroscience
    The Japanese Biochemical Society
    The Japanese Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry
    The society for Neuroscience