SASAKI Seiji(Professor)


Specialized field Religion studies
Aesthetics/history of art
European language literature
Foreign language education
Western history
Classes World''s & japanese literature
Academicl Skills Practical
Seminar 2
Seminar 3
Seminar 4
Research for Graduation Thesis 1
Research for Graduation Thesis 2
Elementary Russian A1
Elementary Russian A2
Russian Reading Elementary 1
Russian Reading Elementary 2
History and Culture of Russia
Russian Literature : Poetry
Russian Literature : Prose
Research theme 1. Heraskov's Classical Epic Poem "Rossijada" in Comparison with European Literary Epics
2. The Process of Formation of the Poetics of Russian Classicism and the History of the European Literary Theory
3. The Kazan Campaigns by Ivan Groznyj and their Discriptions in Chronicles of Russian Middle Ages
4. Russian Orthodox Church and its Religious Art

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