SAKIYAMA Tomoko(Associate Professor)


Specialized field Animal Behavioral Science, Swarm Intelligence, Soft Computing
Research theme 1. Adaptive movement strategy under uncertainty environment
2. Collective behavior of ants
3. Space ecology

Information Systems Science of Graduate school of engineering

  • Major fields Animal Behaviour, Swarm intelligence, Soft computing
    Research Theme

    An adaptive movement under the ambiguous environment

    Collective behaviour of foraging ants

    Spatial ecology


    2012: B.S. from Kobe University

    2013: M.S. from Kobe University

    2015: Ph.D. from Kobe University

    2015: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD)

    2016: Assistant professor, Okayama University

    2019: Associate professor, Soka University

    Publications Tomoko Sakiyama, Ikuo Arizono. An adaptive replacement of the rule update triggers the cooperative evolution in the Hawk–Dove game. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals. 121, 59-62 (2019)
    Tomoko Sakiyama, Emergence of a complex movement pattern in an unfamiliar food place by foraging ants. Journal of Comparative Physiology A. 205(1), 61–66 (2019)
    Tomoko Sakiyama, Yukio-Pegio Gunji. Optimal random search using limited spatial memory. Royal Society Open Science. 5(171057), 1-7 (2018)
    Tomoko Sakiyama. Ant Droplet Dynamics Evolve via Individual Decision-Making. Scientific Reports. 7(14877), 1-7 (2017)
    Membership of Academic Societies

    The Japan Ethological Society
    The International Union for the Study of Social Insects