ISHII Yoshio(Associate Professor)


Specialized field Mathematical physics/fundamental theory of physical properties
Applied optics/quantum optical engineering
Classes Physics of energy and heat
Project Studies B
Case Study 2
Seminar 2
Numerical Analysis
Electronic Engineering Laboratory
Non-Linear Systems (Complex System)
System Control Theory
Selected Topics on Information Transmissions
Advanced Research of Information Transmissions
Advanced Course of Information Systems
Advanced Study of Information Systems
Independent Study IV
Research theme Study of Applied Information Systems using Photonics

Application for coverage

Detail of researcher information

Information Systems Science of Graduate school of engineering

  • Research Theme(Research Fields) Information Thermodynamics
    (Maxwell’s Demon and Information engine)
    Numerical analysis and Simulation
    Flow and Information Visualization
    Laser Applications
    Disciplinary Ph.D. Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
    Supervisor: Professor Emeritus Yoshimichi TANIDA (University of Tokyo)

    Associate Professor, April 2001~present
    Department of Information Systems Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering,
    Graduate School of Engineering, SOKA University
    Vice-Director, Office of Academic Affairs: April 2010~ March 2012
    Chief, Center for Advancement in Science and Technology for Elementary and High school Student: April 2008~ March 2014
    Lecturer, April 1995~March 2001
    Research Associate, February 1993~March 1995
    Membership of Academic Societies The Physical Society of Japan
    The Visualization Society of Japan
    The Laser Society of Japan
    Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics