MAEDA Yukio(Associate Professor)


Specialized field International relations
Classes GCP Tutorial A1
GCP Tutorial A2
GCP Tutorial A3
GCP Tutorial A4
Freshman Seminar
Seminar 1
Seminar 2
Seminar 3
Seminar 4
AF Tutorial 1
AF Tutorial 2
Theme Semiar
International Politics
Human Security Studies Workshop
Human Security Fieldwork
Global Issues
Contemporary Issues in Economics 2
Peace Studies in Japanese
International Peace & Diplomacy Tutorial
Research theme 1. Mobility Management of refugee toward EU
2. Border Studies, Political Geography
3. Comprehensive Research of Militalization of U.S
4. Research about impact from AI on system of world political economy
5. Deconstraction of political theory through Islam thoughts
6. World order from philosophy of Michel Foucault
7. Critical Security Studies

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