Dean's Message

Professor Lary MacDonald (Dean of Faculty of International Liberal Arts)
The goal of Soka University's Faculty of International Liberal Arts (FILA) is to foster students capable of meeting the demands of our globalized society. In this rapidly evolving political and social environment, society is seeking individuals with in-depth general education and humanistic principles. Therefore, FILA pursues the following three virtues: critical thinking, communication skills, and cross-cultural awareness. The first two virtues are effectively achieved by the courses based on a global-standard. In particular, small class size promotes student-teacher interaction, and student engagement in the learning process. The third virtue, cross-cultural awareness, is attained by our culturally diverse faculty.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts. I hope you begin your quest for knowledge to make a positive contribution to society, and develop an inner self with a free and open mind. Your preparation as a global leader begins here.