Curriculum Policy of Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis Major

Under the theme of "human beings, nature, and the earth living together," the program aims to develop individuals who can contribute to solving various environmental problems and developing science and technology that are oriented toward a sustainable society.

Master's Degree Program

The program offers four specialized courses, namely, global environmental chemistry, biosphere science, environmental response engineering, and sustainable environmental engineering. The curriculum is designed to allow students to acquire a wide range of expertise in their research field and study in a cross-disciplinary manner without being bound by their specialized field.

Doctoral Degree Program

The research guidance courses in the doctoral program consists of two fields: environmental chemistry system engineering, and environmental and ecological system engineering. Several research guidance courses are available in each field to foster researchers who can position their research from a broad perspective without falling into the excessive specialization of learning, and the basic skills to constantly take on challenges for unexplored fields.