Recipients of Doctorates (doctoral course completion)

Degree Holder Adviser Date
Title Dissertation Summaries
Yoshinobu Hagiwara Kazuhiro Watanabe 2010/9/18 A study on realization methods for robust and accurate view-based navigation to illumination changes Dissertation Summaries
Hideki Kawai Yuzuru Kubota 2010/3/21 Anti-sway system with an image sensor for efficient container handling Dissertation Summaries
Nobutoshi Abe Yoshimi Teshigawara 2010/3/21 A study on optic fiber sensor networks integrating communications and sensing functions Dissertation Summaries
Guillermo Horacio
Ramirez Caceres
Yoshimi Teshigawara 2010/3/21 Study on a Knowledge-base System and Threat-Countermeasure Model for Security Evaluation Based on International Standards Dissertation Summaries
Tatsuya Sasaki Tatsuo Unemi 2010/3/21 Studies on the Evolution of Cooperation with Non-participation Dissertation Summaries
Daisaku Tokita Kazuhiro Watanabe 2009/9/19 Nano-second pulsed laser application for 3-dimentional information recording technique Dissertation Summaries
Daisuke Kasamatsu Tadashi Ota 2009/3/21 Research on software development for Ad Hoc Networks Dissertation Summaries
Mitsuaki Komatsu Kazuhiro Watanabe 2009/3/21 Effects of low-power laser irradiation on excitable cells. Dissertation Summaries
Yasuo Saito Yuzuru Kubota 2008/3/21 A study on mobile robots for supporting human guidance and navigation in indoor environments Dissertation Summaries
Michiko Nishiyama Kazuhiro Watanabe 2008/3/21 Studies on hetero-core fiber optic nerve sensors for smart materials Dissertation Summaries
Masanori Takagi Yoshimi Teshigawara 2007/3/20 Studies on a WBT System Enabling Students to Create Quizzes Collaboratively Dissertation Summaries
Hiroyuki Sasaki Kazuhiro Watanabe 2005/9/24 Studies of Hetero-core spliced optical fiber sensor for structural damage and environment monitoring systems Dissertation Summaries
Akio Yamane Kazuhiro Watanabe 2005/3/19 A Study on Local Positioning System using Spread Spectrum Sound Waves Dissertation Summaries
Mitsuhiro Iga Kazuhiro Watanabe 2005/3/19 Hetero-core structured optical fiber sensor based on light evanescent wave interrogation Dissertation Summaries
Toshio Koide Hitoshi Watanabe 2004/3/19 Studies on Information Flowing Problems in Information Networks Dissertation Summaries
Noriyo Sakurada Kazuhiro Watanabe 2003/3/19 Applications of mid-infrared, high power lasers as a novel optoelectronics information system. Dissertation Summaries
Hiroyuki Tajima Nagata Furukawa 2002/3/19 A Study of Identifying Fuzzy Regression Model Represented Features of Data Dissertation Summaries
Tae Yoneda Tadashi Ota 2002/3/19 Static Methods for Detecting Feature Interactions in Telecommunication Services Dissertation Summaries
Norihiko Shinomiya Hitoshi Watanabe 2001/3/19 Studies on Graph and Network Theory for Optimum Information Network Synthesis Dissertation Summaries
Tadayuki Sugimori Gen Marubayashi 2000/3/21 A Study of a Novel Visualization System using Laser Scanners and Solid State Imagers Dissertation Summaries