Dean's Message

Dean of Faculty of Nursing Yuko Honda
Dean of Faculty of Nursing
Yuko Honda
Cultivating compassionate nurses who draw out the power of life

Now, from fighting against unknown infectious diseases to coexisting with them, the way we live and work, the way we relate to others, the way we deal with illness and disability, and various other rapid changes have made us realize what is really important. We have come to realize how precious and necessary it is to live a human life, to have a human heart, and to interact daily with those close to us.

Nursing is the power to work with people to create satisfying lives and livelihoods for people to live their own lives and livelihoods. It is also the power to protect and nurture health and life, which are the foundation of people's lives and livelihoods in the most familiar places. Therefore, we can say that it is necessary to have the intellect and human ability to listen to people's small voices and unvoiced thoughts and to encourage people and draw out their zest for life with a spirit of optimism based on nursing knowledge and skills.

Soka University Faculty of Nursing received three guiding principles from the University founder, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda when the Faculty opened in 2013.
Lifelong Learning Nursing to Explore the Dignity of Life
Encouraging Nursing Care that Draws Out the Spirit of Life
Nursing with wisdom and compassion to open a victorious life together

With this guideline as to the basis of our education, we will start a new educational program in 2022. The objective of the new curriculum is to "cultivate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of nurses based on a broad education, to boldly take on the challenges of new issues and needs that arise in society, to explore nursing science that meets the needs of the times, and to cultivate human resources who can contribute to society through human care. The new curriculum has six core competencies, which students will be able to develop independently as they progress through the academic year, reflecting on their own level of achievement in their studies. The program also strengthens the ability to collaborate with others and self-educate, and enables students to understand pathophysiology and nursing care in an integrated manner.

We hope that young people who have acquired the nursing skills required in today's society will join forces with those who struggle in their own communities and societies, listen to the small voices, and grow as guardians of life and health.

Join us at the School of Nursing for four years of challenging self-transformation and value creation.