Leading the Development of Information Society through Technology and Imagination
Department of Information Systems Science students learns fundamental theory and system development skills that support information technologies, focusing mainly on information and telecommunications systems, the key industry of the 21st century. Students acquire an understanding of a wide range of future-oriented technologies and develop systematic thinking.
Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Humankind and Developing New Scientific Technologies
Department of Science and Engineering for Sustainable Innovation From freshman year to the first semester of sophomore year, students learn the wide-ranging fundamentals of science and engineering. In the second semester of sophomore year, students choose their intended academic discipline from four interdisciplinary fields and develop expertise and creative ability through Seminar Courses and Capstone Research.
Active, Problem-Based Learning
The faculty has introduced courses in which students are actively engaged in finding solutions to particular practical problems in a format that goes beyond the usual lecture- and experiment-based learning.
Unique Learning Support System
Faculty of Science and Engineering The student support system within the faculty includes introductory courses in math and science subjects that were not taken in high school, as well as a teaching assistant (TA) system in which students are supported in their studies by graduate students. Programs are also available for students who intend to take the Teacher Employment Examination or work internationally.