Our Vision and Values

WLC’s mission is based on the following three founding principles of Soka University.

Be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education

The WLC shall be committed to meeting the needs of Soka University students as they prepare to fulfill future roles in the global community. These needs are not limited to the technical skills of language competence. They include such qualities as empathy and open-mindedness, which are vital to intercultural understanding and communication.

Be the cradle of a new culture

The WLC shall be a place for connecting with the world, celebrating the richness of its diverse cultures and transcending borders through understanding and friendship. The Center shall provide programs and events to empower students to interact confidently and joyfully with people of different cultures and backgrounds

Be a fortress for the peace of humankind

The WLC shall provide programs for developing foreign language competence. It is necessary to go further, however, because the role of global citizens extends to action that contributes to the cause of happiness and peace. For this reason the programs and the environment of the Center shall be designed to foster in students a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility which transcends national and cultural boundaries.

Within the framework of the philosophy of the university, the WLC, and all that is encapsulated in it, trains students to become global citizens by opening avenues of communication with students and faculty from Japan and around the globe.