English Courses

It offers a variety of English courses and classes of students for which you wish to study abroad, such as classes of TOEIC measures, the university is also in the English subjects.

Soka Core Program:
Language education to raise multi-cultural competence

As part of Soka Core Program from 2009, language education aims “to raise multicultural competence”, for all students. In order to accomplish this goal, students are required to take 6 credits of English and 4 credits of a second foreign language.

Soka University’s goal is to have students “ learn in English” rather than “learning English”, providing a variety of courses at 5 different levels to improve their skills incrementally.

Soka Core Program:
Language education to raise multi-cultural competence

▶English 1:1st year spring semester
 English 2:1st year fall semester
▶General English Courses for freshmen.
▶Develop language and study skills required for academic study in English. Focused on developing five skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and note-taking skills.
▶English 3:2nd year spring semester
 English 4:2nd year fall semester
▶General English Courses for sophomores.
▶Check the course syllabus in the portal site for more information.

Want to study abroad in an English speaking environment

▶Improve language skills to master the material regularly found in the TOEFL Internet-Based Test [iBT]
▶Be familiar with the test format, and the necessary time management, and strategies needed to improve scores
▶Aims to develop the English proficiency of students to a level on par with native-speaking undergraduate students
▶Two-period / week course, Class size: maximum 15 students
▶Content of the course depends on the instructor.
 Ex. Argumentation, Peace Studies, Globalization, Civil Rights

Want to use English in business and work

▶For students who wish to significantly improve their scores on this test
▶Reinforce both the language skills and the test-taking strategies
▶Spring semester focuses on listening and fall semester focuses on reading

English for Study Abroad [ESA]

  • ESA is a highly challenging one-year program for students who want to study abroad.
  • Target: 50 freshmen.
  • [Except: GCP, IP, Nursing, and International Liberal Arts students]
  • Courses will be conducted only in English.
  • ESA and TOEFL Preperation must be taken together for both semesters.
Take 2 courses together
▶Improve writing, note-taking, reading, discussion and presentation skills needed for studying abroad in English
▶Target score is iBT 80. The course will cover concrete test-taking strategies for TOEFL iBT.
8 credits in a year

English for Career Development [ECD]

  • ECD is a highly challenging one-year program for students who want to work in an international
  • environment in Japan or abroad.
  • Target: Sophomores in the fall semester or juniors in the spring semester. [Except: GCP Students]
  • Courses will be conducted in English .
  • Students register for both ECD and TOEIC Preparation for both semesters to significantly improve their English skills and TOEIC scores.
▶Practice important business skills such as telephoning, negotiating, and making presentations in English.
8 credits in a year