English Consultation Room

Get advice on how to study English
English Consultation Room is a program where students can receive advice on how to acquire and improve English language skills. Sessions are conducted one-on-one, thus offering personalized support on study for English proficiency tests (i.e: TOEIC TOEFL, IELTS), usage of the WLC Self-Access Center programs and planning a learning scheme utilizing different methods. 
Operating hours Monday - Friday 14:50~18:05
Participants 1 student per session
Duration 45 minutes per session 14:50~/ 15:35~/ 16:35~/ 17:20~
Level  All levels
Reservation Reserve on Portal Site up to 2 weeks in advance or sign up for on the day waiting list

Program Online Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click ツールリンク集. From there, click 【WLCサービス予約】under 【WLCサービス】and choose the program you want to join. Reservations are available up to 60 minutes before the session staring time. New reservations open 14 days before the session date.

Note*: If you want to cancel your appointment, please do so by 60 minutes before your appointment. If you miss your appointment, you will not be able to make another appointment for two weeks.