Nihongo Dojo

Let's master Japanese!

Nihongo Dojo (ND) is a program offered to international students to learn and improve daily Japanese skills and understanding of Japanese culture. Designed to be fun and interactive, activities such as simple role-play, card games (Japanese Karuta), and origami are incorporated to enhance learning experiences. These sessions are facilitated by Japanese students, allowing close cultural exchanges and new discoveries. The sessions also have a flexible division of levels, enabling beginner to intermediate-level students to comfortably attend.
*Reservations are required to participate.

Sessions offered vary depending on the day of the week.
Please check the session schedule on the Portal site (PLAS) or WLC's official SNS.


Open Time Monday~Friday 13:10~18:05
Participants Maximum of 4 students per table
Duration  45 minutes per session
(13:10-/13:55-), (14:55-/15:40-), (16:40-/17:25-)
Level JLPT N5~N3
*JLPT scores are not required to attend

Session 1 (40 minutes): Beginner to Intermediate Level
Session 2 (40 minutes): Intermediate to Advanced Level
How to attend Reservation required (Portal site)

User's Voice

Hello! My name is Jun, and I am a 46th-batch Bekka student from Soka University. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 46th-batch Bekka students could not go to Japan even until the end of the program. We did not even know when we could enter Japan. There were also times when I was tired from all the online classes everyday. At that time, I was introduced to the Nihongo Dojo program which was recommended to me by a Bekka teacher. I did not have many opportunities to talk with Japanese people, so I joined Nihongo Dojo. Through the discussions with Japanese staff in the Nihongo Dojo sessions, I was able to learn things that I would not have been able to learn by only taking classes with my professors. For example, I was able to learn the way Japanese people usually talk with their friends and the culture of young people in Japan. Most of all, I am always thankful for the kind staff members!

Program Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click Personal > Links > WLC Reservation System (under WLC Services).