Nihongo Dojo

Let's master Japanese!
Nihongo Dojo (ND) is a program offered to international students to learn and improve daily Japanese skills and understanding of Japanese culture. Designed to be fun and interactive, activities such as simple role-play, card games (Japanese Karuta), and Origami are incorporated to enhance learning experiences. These sessions are facilitated by Japanese students allowing for close cultural exchanges and new discoveries. The sessions also have a flexible division of levels enabling students of all beginner to intermediate levels to comfortably attend.
*Reservations on the day are required to participate
Open Time Monday~Friday 14:50~18:05
Participants Maximum of 6 students per table
Duration  45 minutes/Session 14:50~/ 15:35~/ 16:35~/ 17:20~
Level JLPT N5~N3 *JLPT scores not required to attend
Reservation Reserve on the day at the WLC SAC Lounge

Shift Schedule

Updates coming soon!