English Forum

Have thought provoking discussions in English!

English Forum (EF) is a program that provides academic discussion sessions for students to critically think and further develop their English proficiency. These sessions are run by international students or students with study abroad experiences and cover topics including culture, education, and environmental issues. Designed for intermediate and advanced-level students, this program is perfect for those eager to deepen their understanding and cultivate lasting foreign language skills. Sessions offered are also divided into 3 levels, enabling students to freely participate in discussions of their choice and confidence level.
*Reservations are required to participate.

1= CASEC (450-599) / TOEIC-IP (400-489) / TOEFL ITP (430-466)
2= CASEC (600-759) / TOEIC-IP (490-649) / TOEFL ITP (467-522)
3= CASEC (760+) / TOEIC-IP (650+) / TOEFL ITP (523+)


Open Time Monday~Friday 10:50~18:05
Participants Maximum of 4-6 students per table
Duration 40 minutes per session
(10:50-/11:35-), (13:10-/13:55-), (14:55-/15:40-), (16:40-/17:25-)
Level CASEC 450~
TOEIC 400~
How to attend Reservation required (Portal site)

User's Voice

When I entered Soka University, I was surprised to find that there were many international students. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I heard from a senior student about Chit Chat Club and English Forum at WLC. I wanted to be able to speak English fluently, so I continued to go there every day when I had free time. Until then, I didn’t like English much, but soon I realized how useful and fun English is. Although I am still not very fluent, now I can speak English in daily conversation. Moreover, I was able to make friends with many international students which further increased my motivation. WLC is an excellent service which allows me to actually speak in English to broaden my horizons.
When I first started using the WLC programs, I couldn’t really understand English and there were times when I was afraid of joining sessions. However, no matter how many mistakes I made, I was able to enjoyably participate almost every day in my first year without giving up thanks to the kind staff who warmly acknowledged my efforts! My TOEIC score from when I first entered the university also went up by 300 points. Being able to reflect in English, I was able to spend such meaningful time discussing topics on global issues such as environmental problems and poverty, as well as topics I never thought deeply about such as friendship and happiness.The staff are always warmly welcoming the students, so please have courage and try to challenge it yourself!

Program Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click Personal > Links > WLC Reservation System (under WLC Services.