Writing Center

Improve your writing skills at Writing Center!

Writing Center (WC) is a program where students can receive advice or feedback on academic English writing. The sessions are conducted by trained student staff who support and help non-native and native Japanese students to become a better writer. As sessions are 1 on 1, students can freely express any areas of concern to improve a set of writing skills including grammar, sentence and paragraph structures, coherence, formulating stronger ideas, format check, etc.
*Reservations are required to participate.


Open Time Monday~Friday 10:45~18:05
Participants 1 student per table
Duration 25 minutes per session
(10:45-/11:15-/11:45-), (13:05-/13:35-/14:05-), (14:50-/15:20-/15:50-), (16:35-/17:05-/17:35-)
How to participate Reservation required (Portal site)

User's Voice

To improve my writing skills, I started using the Writing Center once a week in the Spring semester of my 2nd year. At that time, even if I was able to write in English, the content of my writing was not deep and I used to make many grammatical mistakes. However, thanks to my regular use of the Writing Center, I made less mistakes on content and grammar, and I became more confident in my writing skills. By going to the same staff every time, not only was I able to become friends with them, but I was also able to build a relationship where we both felt happy about my writing progress. Lastly, I wholeheartedly recommend the Writing Center because not only can you improve your English writing skills, but you can also become friends with the staff members.

Program Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click Personal > Links > WLC Reservation System (under WLC Services).