Writing Development Desk

Improve your writing skills at Writing Development Desk!

Writing Development Desk (WDD) is a program where students can receive advice or feedback on academic English writing. The sessions are conducted by trained student staff who support and help students to become better writers. As sessions are 1-on-1, students can freely express any areas of concern to improve a set of writing skills including grammar, sentence and paragraph structures, coherence, formulating stronger ideas, format check, etc.
*Reservations are required to participate.


Open Time Monday~Friday 10:45~18:05
Participants 1 student per table
Duration 25 minutes per session
(10:45-/11:15-/11:45-), (13:05-/13:35-/14:05-), (14:50-/15:20-/15:50-), (16:35-/17:05-/17:35-)
How to participate Reservation required (Portal site)

User's Voice

To improve my writing skills, I started using the Writing Development Desk once a week in the spring semester of my 2nd year. At that time, even if I was able to write in English, the content of my writing was not deep and I used to make many grammatical mistakes. However, thanks to my regular use of the Writing Development Desk, I made fewer mistakes in content and grammar, and I became more confident in my writing skills. By going to the same staff every time, not only was I able to become friends with them, but I was also able to build a relationship where we both felt happy about my writing progress. Lastly, I wholeheartedly recommend the Writing Development Desk because not only can you improve your English writing skills, but you can also become friends with the staff members.

Program Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click Personal > Links > WLC Reservation System (under WLC Services).