We will sharpen our minds and unleash the power of vision.


As Soka University heads toward its 50th anniversary in 2021, we have formulated the “Soka University Grand Design 2021-2030” as a new 10-year mid- to long-term plan.
Since its founding in 1971 and through continuous reforms, Soka University has worked toward realizing the “founding principles” indicated by the founder, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. In the Soka University Grand Design announced in 2010, we adopted the goal of being “a university that fosters ‘creative individuals’ based on the founding principles.” Over the past ten years, our efforts have realized the globalization of the campus as symbolized by being selected for the “Top Global University Project,” and the enhancement of the educational environment, such as the construction of Global Square, as well as sending out graduates to play active roles in various fields both domestically and internationally.
In the initiative aimed for 2030, we adopted the theme of “a university that fosters ‘global citizens’ that can create value,” with concepts such as “global citizenship education,” “achievement of the SDGs,” and “creation of a diverse campus.”
In order to continue being a university that creates new values for society while also valuing past philosophies and traditions, we will advance toward 2030, the 100th anniversary of the publication of the “Soka Education System.”

  • Name
    Soka University Grand Design 2021-2030
  • Period
    April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2031 (10-year plan)
  • Objectives of the formulation
    1. To establish an education and research system that responds to issues in society affecting our university, such as the declining birthrate and the aging population as well as Society 5.0 (a very smart and intelligent society), in order to send out “global citizens that can create value.”
    2. While continuing the initiatives under the Top Global University Project, we will lead globalization and build a “hub for global citizenship education.”
    3. Share the goals toward 2030 with all stakeholders, including ifaculty, staff, students, and alumni, and promote the various initiatives with their support and cooperation.

Founding principles

Be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education

Be the cradle of a new culture

Be a fortress for the peace of humankind

We know that only having an unshakeable belief makes a difference.


Vision for Soka University

While globalization, coupled with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development, has given rise to various benefits, it has also brought about global problems such as social polarization, poverty, and the global spread of new viruses. Furthermore, this negative chain has created a collision of values, including bringing about a rise in populism and nationalism, leading to conditions under which society has become divided.
Under these circumstances, the United Nations (UN) established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030, sharing with international society the goal of achieving a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society in which no one will be left behind. All stakeholders, including public and private organizations, educational institutions, etc., are expected to support the initiative.
As one of the universities selected as part of the “Top Global University,” we have also taken on the mission of sending out capable individuals who will carry out “fair globalization.”
In order to sincerely tackle the problems facing global and regional society and resolutely take on the challenge of realizing peace, we consider it our mission to foster “global citizens” who will create new value. It is these “global citizens” who will become “creative individuals” — that is, “individuals that can create healthy and sound values, and can give back to society” — as indicated by our founder Dr. Daisaku Ikeda when the university was founded.
After reaffirming this starting point, we have adopted “a university that fosters ‘global citizens’ that can create value” as the theme of Soka University’s New Grand Design for 2030 and formulated specific plans in four strategic fields (education, research, SDGs, and diversity). In addition, in order to promote the New Grand Design, we will also take on projects such as a “mid- to long-term financial plan” and “campus improvement” as measures to strengthen our management foundation.

Guiding Principles

  • Including the enhancement of programs related to “global citizenship education” centered on the fields of peace, the environment, development, and human rights, we will improve the education and research environment to fostering the ability to create a sustainable society, and aim to become a hub for educating global citizens who can create value.

  • Promote, as a university, research that will contribute to the realization of “peace,” as well as form a network with universities, various institutions, and researchers so as to play a leading role in the achievement of the SDGs.

  • Create a campus where people with diverse values and backgrounds, such as international students and working professionals, can gather and coexist.

That is why our next attempt begins right here, right now.
To foster creative global citizens who will illuminate the path to hope.


We have formulated a strategy to follow in the five fields of education, research, SDGs, diversity, and creation of a strong and efficient management system.

Soka University Grand Design 2021-2030


We will establish an education system that fosters “global citizens” who will support the changing society.

  1. Promotion of global citizenship education

  2. Visualization of the results of global citizenship education

  3. Formation of a network for global citizenship education

  4. New education program looking toward 2030


Along with expanding specialized research, we will create new value for society through interdisciplinary research.

  1. Promotion of focused research

  2. Expansion of international joint research

  3. Reorganization of graduate school research departments, majors, etc.

  4. Expansion of projects at the Daisaku Ikeda Soka Education Research Institute


Along with achieving the SDGs, we will work to achieve a global society in which “no one will be left behind.”

  1. Promotion of the SDGs

  2. Partnership with the UN and various institutions

  3. Partnership with regional areas and societies worldwide


We will aim to realize a campus where diverse values can come together.

  1. Promotion of globalization

  2. Continuation and development of the Top Global University Project

  3. Initiatives for gender equality

  4. Promotion of the acceptance of working professionals returning to study, etc.

Creation of a strong and efficient management system

In order to develop sustainability, we will establish quick and flexible organizational management and a stable financial foundation.

  1. Mid- to long-term financial plan

  2. Campus improvement

  3. Information disclosure

  4. Improvement of brand strengthening

Far beyond what we can imagine.